We’re proud to be your exclusive authorized Onyx Collection dealer in Virginia. 
The Onyx Collection is the premiere line of solid-surface complete bath and shower systems and standalone bath and shower products.
Safe, affordable, waterproof and easy-to-clean, the Onyx Collection comes in over 60 beautiful colors, long-lasting finishes, and styles. The Onyx Collection can also be precisely customized to meet your bath remodel design and construction specifications.

At Landmark Homes Inc. our mission is to enhance the bathing experience through beautiful, safe, affordable and complete bath and shower systems.

Our Team

Landmark Homes is a Class A, licensed and insured General Contractor serving the Richmond, Virginia metropolitan area.  Landmark Homes is an authorized Virginia dealer of The Onyx Collection solid surface system for your bathroom showers and surrounds.

Wayne Matthews

Wayne Matthews, founder of Landmark Homes, has over 30 years of experience in construction. Wayne is an expert in historic building restoration and new home construction. He’s dedicated to customer service during a remodel and long after its completion. This dedication has earned Landmark Homes an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Scott Matthews

Scott Matthews heads Landmark Homes’ new division, Landmark Bath. Scott has over 13 years of experience in construction trades and practically grew up with a hammer in his hand. Scott’s a hands-on supervisor and is on-site for every Landmark Bath renovation.

What Is The Onyx Collection

Onyx is a solid, non-porous surface, low-maintenance material used as shower and tub surrounds along with shower pans and bathroom vanity tops. It can mimic the appearance of granite, marble, stone, and other naturally occurring materials, and can be joined nearly invisibly by a trained craftsman.

Benefits of the Onyx Collection.

  • Onyx is non-porous similiar to glass.

  • Never worry about mold or mildew again!

  • Onyx uses a alumina trihydrate (same as corian).

  • What do you want on your bathroom walls?

  • No grout to maintain

  • Wall panels are 3/8 thick.

  • All Onyx products are made to order specifically for the client

  • No product compares to the Onyx Bath Collection! Guaranteed Forever!

 Onyx Collection products can best be described as attractive, easy to clean, 
at an affordable price.

 Design Options

Tub To Shower Conversations

Converting your tub to a shower is a practical and stylish upgrade to any bathroom. This conversion will help to make your bathroom look and feel bigger while increasing the function and usability of your shower. This is especially important for homeowners who are older or have limited mobility.

  • Additional space, both inside and out. Bathtubs are clunky and take up extra space. A shower stall will free up some of that space and give your bathroom a bigger, more spacious appearance.

  • Ease of access. Conventional tubs require effort and leg-lifting to get in and out. A shower stall, by comparison, requires only a tiny step for greater ease of access.

  • Increased safety. Installing a new shower with slip resistance Onyx Collection shower bases can help eliminate the risk of falling. The added space also creates ample opportunities to add custom shower benches and grab bars for extra security.

Tub Surrounds

The enclosure around a bathtub often gets more wear than the tub itself. It's not uncommon to be faced with major wall repair long before the tub is ready for replacement. This can be a pretty difficult job if you have ceramic tile walls. Installing a Onyx Collection solid surface system is usually an easier solution.

  • Solid surface grout free ,  easier to clean than other materials.  With natural expansion and contraction of a house, the grout will crack over time and cause leaks. 

  • Longevity, Onyx Collection products are designed to be done only once and last a lifetime. Tub surrounds are a great alternative around your tub. Waterproof and easy to clean.

  • Style, The range of colors and textures makes these panels a good option in traditional, transitional or contemporary bathroom designs.


Lavatories are available in hundreds of sizes, 15 bowl styles,either Flat or Raised edge and also 5/8" or 1" thickness. lavatories can have one bowl (centered or offset) or two bowls. 

  • Design Options,  Custom lavatories can be any length, depth, thickness, or shape and can incorporate any of our bowl styles and edge styles.  The possibilities are endless.

  • Durability, stronger and more crack resistant than other materials. 

  • Customisation, are unlimited, if you can draw it, we can make it.

Custom Shower Bases

Custom Shower Bases
Custom Shower Bases are available individually and also as a kit with our Onyx wall panels. Other shower wall systems such as ceramic tile can also be used with Onyx shower bases.

  • Custom Shower Bases,  All our custom shower bases are cast in pieces to your specifications and then chemically bonded into a single unit for easy, worry-free installation

  • Durabilitysolid surface shower bases are a solid piece of material, the resulting product is thick and strong, able to withstand years of use, leak free. Cracks or leaks in the base can cause extensive damage and costly repairs. 

  • Time consuming, building from scratch is time consuming.  Solid surface shower bases offer endless benefits to help you accomplish a successful bathroom project in less time.

10 Most Asked Questions about the Onyx Collection

We had the opportunity to interview Francis Awerkamp, 2nd generation co-owner, the 10 Most Ask Questions about the Onyx Collection Product. 
The interview took place in a casual setting at the manufacturer's production plant in Belvue City in Kansas. Be sure to watch.


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